My name is Valentina Thörner. Mind those double dots on the “o”.

I write about minimalism and simplification, starting with your environment and soon improving on your habits and processes. I spend a lot of time thinking (and writing) about how to improve your daily practice using logic, emotion, and technology. 

I am a woman in a tech company. I am an expatriate. I am European in a (mostly) US-American work culture. I am a sustainable stoic in a consumerist world. I know what it means to be the odd one out and using that status to trigger change – for me and for others.

I work for Automattic, helping customers to create a successful store with WooCommerce, anywhere, and in whichever languages they need. I have been a multi language store owner in the past, and supporting global citizens is my passion.

If you’ve just found me, feel free to explore this website or hop over to my English speaking blog. If you are comfortable reading in Spanish, my blog on minimalism might be a good fit. And if you want to get in touch, find me as ValeDeOro on the social web.